SOC101  -  Phishing Mail Detected Alert
Let's analyze a phishing mail, with a suspicious URL ...
Hello, blue teamers. In this blog entry, join me as I attempt to conquer the SOC 101 — Phishing Mail Detected alert, hosted on Let’s Defend.
NOTE: Always remember to investigate alerts from Let's Defend, on a VM.

Introduction to the Alert

Let’s have a good look at the alert, to familiarize ourselves with the details
Proceed to take ownership of the case Create case

Initial enumeration

Since the SOC alert deals with phishing mail, let’s have a look at Let’s Defend’s mailbox, titled ‘Exchange’, and search by the mail address of the victim — [email protected]
This is the sent mail in question:-
We’ve got our first bit of evidence here, a malicious domain —
Seems like an email was sent to Mark’s Phone. It’s not a desktop endpoint that we are looking for here
Checking the ‘Endpoint Security’ section, we come across Mark’s phone, titled ‘MarksPhone’

Incident details

Let’s proceed to start the playbook

Playbook Questions

Parsing the email

These answers are visible from our alert summary:-
A1) April 4, 2021, 11 p.m. A2) A3) [email protected] A4) [email protected] A6) No
Is the content malicious?
To check it, let’s run the given domain ( on a few threat intel platforms namely VirusTotal and Hybrid-Analysis, and Joe sand Box
While the former two returned clean checks on the domain, Joe Sandbox had something else to say, which can be seen below:-
The site was definitely suspicious, but had no malware configuration evidence attached to it
A) Non-suspicious

Attachments or URLs in the mail?

A) Yes

Analyze Url/Attachment

From JoeSandbox we understand that the domain was earlier used to spread trojan, but is now unreachable to us and is not causing any harm.
Analysis of the domain, from VirusTotal and Hybrid-Analysis, is testament to that
Hence, the domain is non-malicious
A) Non-malicious

Adding artifacts

Let’s fill in the table, with the evidence and related information, collected so far
From VirusTotal, we can get information about the serving IP Address and final domain destination, from the suspected domain
Click next, to submit them

Analyst's Notes

This is the analyst’s opinion on the alert
Finish the playbook
Close the alert

Parting notes

Alert Scorecard

We were not able to achieve the objectives required to completely solve this alert. Let’s take it as a learning opportunity, to go ahead and crush other incoming SOC alerts!
Every alert solved is a step towards perfection and I am pretty happy with the score I received.

Summary of the alert

A phishing mail has come in, to one of Let's Defend's endpoints. Upon investigation, it was found that the link attached was malicious in nature. It had been used to peddle malware in the past and it is understood that the endpoint user did click on the link.
All relevant evidence and information has been collected and submitted, confirming the alert as a true positive


Thank you for reading this blog entry. Stay tuned, as I go hunting behind some pcap files out there....

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